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Superhawk System

The Superhawk system allows for a Brostrom repair that can be adjusted to the desired tension. The Superhawk has two adjustable anchors (3.75mm, 4.75mm) that provide individual adjustments to ensure the desired tension is achieved. In addition, the Superhawk system offers an optional third anchor implant for larger more chronic stabilization requirements.

Anchor Sizes
Superhawk 3.75mm
Superhawk 4.75mm
Super Hawk 2.0

Thunderbolt System

The Thunderbolt Syndesmosis implant system is designed to improve syndesmosis reduction and can be paired with most standard fracture plates or with the Responsive Arthroscopy Two hole buttress plating system for isolated syndesmosis injuries. The Thunderbolt has a unique tensioning system that provides maximum tensioning across the construct in a uniform controlled fashion.

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Lightning Short

The Lightning short is the latest version of the Lightning family of anchors. The Lightning short offers a shorter inserter shaft and features the 2.5mm X 10mm PEEK anchor with  #2 suture and suture needles.

The system is offered with reusable drills, probes and guide tubes to reduce surgical costs.

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